What can you write about strengths?

What can you write about strengths?

Strengths in the application these are mentioned most frequently.Experience abroad.Team spirit.Motivation.Resilience.Responsibility.Quick perception.Punctuality.Flexibility.Other entries…

What skills on the resume?

Useful soft skills & abilities, independent and responsible work. Resilience. Motivation. Performance. Organizational talent.

What are basic language skills?

Language skills Designation “Upgradable / basic knowledge” Basic knowledge is school knowledge that is sufficient, for example, to find your way around on vacation or to make a short telephone call.

What does advanced language skills mean?

“Extended basic knowledge” – sometimes also “intermediate knowledge” – certify that you can make yourself understood. However, some vocabulary and grammar are still missing for a proper conversation.

What does very good spoken and written language skills mean?

Levels A, B and C roughly correspond to the phrases “basic knowledge”, “good knowledge” or “business fluent knowledge” (very good). You can then top the respective formulations with “… spoken and written”.

What does fluent in spoken and written mean?

Basic knowledge (A 1): You understand familiar, everyday expressions and can use simple sentences. You understand the main points of easily accessible texts. Fluent (B 2): You can understand the main statements of complex texts and lead technical discussions in your special field.

What does spoken and written mean?

You can indicate “spoken and written” if you have mastered the foreign language to the extent that you can use it to make phone calls, deal with normal business correspondence and not embarrass yourself in meetings. The highest level that a non-native speaker can achieve is “business fluent”.

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