What can you write as the first message?

What can you write as the first message?

Be personal hello, hey or hi everyone writes. But a small change like hello to beautiful Bavaria or good evening to Winterthur makes your cover letter more personal.

How do I write to someone in Lovoo?

Because before writing letters to women on Lovoo, you have to do a tiny thing in the dating app: namely create an attractive profile … Before the cover letter: Optimize your Lovoo profile! Upload a good profile picture. Choose a creative nickname. Write interesting profile text. Get your profile verified!

How do you get Icebreaker at Lovoo?

Premium users get three Icebreakers a day. Each Icebreaker takes eight hours to be ready for use again. If you have used all three in quick succession, it will take 8 hours before you can send another Icebreaker. As a premium member you can buy additional Icebreakers.

How can you smile at Lovoo?

To do this, tap on the message symbol in the profile and compose a message. However, basic users only have one Icebreaker available per day. In the premium version of the app, it is possible to send three Icebreakers per day.

Who can write to me at Lovoo?

If you have discovered an interesting profile, you can write the other user a message. Thanks to the Icebreaker function, this can also be done without there being a match. To send an Icebreaker, simply click on the message icon in the other user’s profile.

What is a match on Lovoo?

A Lovoo Match is now available if you like someone who recently rated your profile positively. Both Lovoo users are now shown that there is a match. Women can see profile visitors and matches in Lovoo for free.

Who last Matched writes first?

the match partner who last swept has to write first? All nonsense! We think: As soon as you have a match, write to your potential Tinder date. Without thinking back and forth and without “If he / she doesn’t write, then I won’t write either!

Who will write first?

In general, it’s a good marker to see who wrote first in the past. If only one person writes first and opens the conversation every time, it is questionable whether the other person is interested at all.

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