What can you write in a birthday card?

What can you write in a birthday card?

Have a wonderful day with great people who may always be by your side! For your birthday I wish you not only health, love and happiness. I wish you that even when it gets difficult, you persevere and you can do what you tackle.

What to write in a 50th birthday card

I thank you for everything and I am proud that you always gave everything for our family. So enjoy the day and be proud of yourself too. You still look great and will always be the most beautiful mother to me anyway. I love you and wish you all the best for your birthday!

What do you give a woman for her 50th birthday?

50th birthday gifts for womenA historical original newspaper from the day of birth. Surprise the anniversary with original music from the year of birth. Real rose, artistically refined and covered with 999 gold. A great gift idea for a birthday, a wedding or as a decorative object. winemaker. Great doormat for a great mistress.

What to write to a woman for her birthday

Does a good marriage mean sticking together in the bad times, or is it the good years that matter? I think it’s a bit of everything and I’m very happy that you’re my wife and I’m really looking forward to all the beautiful years that lie ahead of us. It’s nice that you exist! Happy Birthday!

How to congratulate on birthday?

I wish you a year full of adventures and happy moments! Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true! Have a wonderful day, a great birthday cake and lots of presents! Feel tightly hugged by me on your birthday: All the best!

How do you spell I wish you a happy birthday?

Congratulations on your special day! Happy birthday! I sincerely wish you a happy birthday. Celebrate well!

What birthday wishes?

Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true. Be fun, happy, loud, today we built only on you! I wish you that you realize all your wishes and that your dreams become your future.

How do you wish with all my heart?

May happiness and sunshine always be in your heart. On your cradle party we wish you health, happiness and love at all times. Celebrate with your loved ones and we’ll celebrate later. Wishing you all the best.

How do you spell I wish you all the best?

In the expression “I wish you all the best / all the best” we always write: “everything” in lower case (unless it is at the beginning of the sentence: “All the best!”), “Good” in upper case, no “s” at the end.

What to write in a 90th birthday card

Congratulations on your 90th birthdayThe most beautiful, best lot on earth. We all know what we have in you, even if we don’t always say it. I congratulate! Presents, wine and a bouquet of flowers Wander carefree and for quite a long time. One year forward, not back, I wish you all the best for your cradle party.

What to write in an 80th birthday card

“Fit in the head and young at heart, you’re still in good spirits. Happy 80th birthday! May the happiest days of your 80 years be a guide to the happiness of your future.”

What do I write for my 85th birthday?

We wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts, we hope we can joke with you for a long time. Those 85 years have taught you life experience that honors you today. We stand here full of admiration, yes we congratulate you! Old flowers wither, but at 85 you really blossom again.

What do you wish for an 80 year old?

Eighty is a very proud age. Above all, I wish you health, happiness and a sense of humor! I wish you for the next 10 years that you radiate as much joie de vivre as you do today. At 80 you still have a lot of momentum, you’re still young at heart.

What do you get an 80 year old man for his birthday?

Men’s 80th Birthday Gifts Wooden Wine Box. EUR 22.50 Engraved wine glass. EUR 24.95. Cup “I’m not 80” EUR 9.95. Whiskey stones in a wooden box. EUR 29.95. Garden bench with engraving. EUR 219.00. Barbecue case with engraving. EUR 59.90 EUR 49.00. Champagne glass with desired name. EUR 9.99. Engraved whiskey glass. EUR 9.99.

What can you write to your grandmother for her birthday?

Congratulations for Grandma I want to give you sunshine, happiness and a good mood because everyone is thinking of you today. We are here today and would love to celebrate with you. Dear Grandma, I wish you the very best for today’s cradle party. Health, happiness, a long life, may the good Lord in heaven give you that.

How do you congratulate grandma?

I wish you the best of luck with your new grandchild. I wish him/her a lot of health, happiness and a great time with his/her new grandparents. Those who love their grandchildren will remain young forever. Congratulations!

What do you wish for the 70th?

At 70 you still have a lot of momentum, you’re still young at heart. I have great admiration, best wishes only for you: A long life in health, joy, happiness and serenity. I wish you for the next 10 years that you radiate as much joie de vivre as you do today.

How do you congratulate someone you don’t like?

Be authentic and not artificially friendly. But you can be polite to each other, even if you don’t like each other. If you don’t like someone, they will already have noticed. In short, “All the best” – a quick handshake and that’s it.

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