What can you write in a conclusion?

What can you write in a conclusion?

In your conclusion, you sum up your work. You should summarize your key statements and results concisely. In conclusion, you should by no means introduce new aspects of your topic. Avoid quotations here too, because you are presenting your own research results here!

What is the best way to write an outline?

The first step: Find out about the shell of an outline Introduction (reason, interest in knowledge) Situation analysis (research status) Objectives (hypothesis and answer to the central question) Methodology (methodological and theoretical foundations) Synthesis / analysis (merging of methodology and subject of investigation)

Which page is the table of contents?

In addition, it must be ensured that no page number is given on the cover sheet of the term paper. Since all pages are counted in the term paper, the page following the cover sheet – usually the table of contents – has page number “2”.

How do I start the page number on the third page?

Insert page numbers in Word starting on page 3 Click again on “Page Number” and select the option “Format Page Numbers”. At the bottom under “Page numbering”, activate the “Start at” option and insert a “1”. If you confirm with “OK”, the numbering of the page numbers does not start until page 3.

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