What can you write in a portfolio?

What can you write in a portfolio?

You should definitely include the following documents and materials in a portfolio: title page, table of contents, curriculum vitae, introduction, development of the focus based on the materials, summary, possibly a bibliography, etc.

How do I manage a portfolio?

Launch a portfolio in 8 stepsStep 1: Pick up your female employees. Step 2: Learn from the experiences of other institutions. Step 3: Clarify your goals. Step 4: Determine the content of the portfolio. Step 5: Take stock.More entries…•

What is a Practice Reflection?

The term practice reflection means nothing more than thinking about the work you have done. We don’t just do this regularly, we do it all the time with the small difference that we do it without any structure. If we put these thoughts in a form and order, our way of working improves.

How do you make a reflection?

Formal and structure of a reflection. A reflection is usually written in the first person. Also, it is common for subheadings to be used to capture the essence of the section. There are often many points that can be illuminated individually.

What does reflective writing mean?

1) throw back, reflect. Application examples: 1) The mirror reflects incident light. 2) He has thoroughly reflected on his situation.

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