What can you write in the introduction to a thesis?

What can you write in the introduction to a thesis?

The introduction forms the first written part of your thesis, before the main part and the conclusion. In it you name the topic and the question and give a brief overview of the other content in the main part of your thesis. The introduction comprises 510% of the entire technical work.

How do you find a topic for a term paper?

Find a homework topic: The eight-point plan Enter key points on Wikipedia, in an Internet search engine and in the search function of your university library to find further literature. First of all, it is important to read across: For which questions is there already literature?

How do you write a good term paper?

Important tips for writing a seminar paper The seminar paper needs a clear question. Sort and note sources well. Pre-structure information in good time. The argument must be conclusive. Supplement your own thoughts – clearly mark other people’s thoughts.

What belongs in the introduction?

In the introduction, introduce the readers to the topic. Give a brief overview of the most important literature that you have used (state of research or define the goal of your work. Explain the path that will lead you to this goal ( method reflection).

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