What color does magnesium burn?

What color does magnesium burn?

Magnesium develops a very bright, white light with asterisks. A crackling sound can be heard. Interpretation: The elements react immediately in the hot burner flame with the oxygen in the air, an oxidation.

Why is the fire below blue?

As the temperature increases towards the flame, the long hydrocarbon chains in the paraffin (CnH2n + 2) break open and some of them combine to form new molecules. The strongest emission of the CH molecule is at a wavelength of 432 nanometers, which corresponds to a blue color.

Why is the fire yellow?

The red-yellow that we see in the flames by the fireplace or in the candle is nothing but glowing soot. So the color only comes from the heat that makes the soot particles glow. It has to do with the combustion process as such only insofar as the combustion provides the heat.

What happens in a fire?

You need three things for a fire: fuel, heat and oxygen. In the heat, the fuel reacts with the oxygen in the air, causing oxidation. This means that the molecules of the fuel combine with the oxygen and heat is released in the process.

When is fire dangerous?

But when fire leaves its proper place and the flames get too big and too hot, then it becomes our enemy. Fire can cause severe burns and pain. Air contains the oxygen necessary for fire. Heat can come from a candle, matches, stove burner, or electrical appliance.

Why is an open fire in the house dangerous?

No oxygen due to carbon monoxide In the worst case, this leads to death from asphyxiation. The gas is created when carbonaceous material, such as charcoal, does not burn completely. This is especially dangerous if the charcoal grill is in the home.

How do I protect documents from fire?

Every household has vital records that should be protected from theft and destruction by fire: insurance policies, birth certificates, family records, wills, estates, stocks, stocks, financial records, and other valuable or difficult-to-replace documents.

What should you do if there’s a fire?

React correctly in the event of a fire Keep calm, don’t panic! To report a fire! Warn employees and other people! Switch off ventilation, transport and heating systems! Leave danger areas immediately! Go bent over! Carry out specified measures in accordance with the fire protection regulations!

How do you behave in a fire?

Correct behavior in the event of fire with free escape routes It is important that you remain calm in the event of a fire. If the danger appears to you great and the escape routes are clear, then escape. Close doors and windows behind you. Leave the building using the stairs. Dial the emergency number 112.

What do you do when the toaster burns?

What to do if there is a fire in the kitchen In the event of a grease fire: put a lid off the fire. DO NOT use water to extinguish! In case of flames in the toaster etc.: switch off the power or pull the plug! Then extinguish the flames with a fire extinguishing spray (or with a fire blanket). If your attempt to extinguish the fire is unsuccessful: leave the kitchen, close the door and call the fire brigade (112)!

Can it burn when the stove is on?

It depends a lot on what stove it is and what is in the area. If the stove is in the middle of the room, maybe not much will happen. However, if there is wood, plastic and textiles in the vicinity, the heat can ignite them.

What to do if there is a fire at home

Keep calm. Call the fire brigade at 112. Only put out small fires yourself. Leave the room in a stooped position because the gases from the fire collect under the ceiling.

Why is a toaster burning?

This is mostly due to the clumsiness of the residents, but it can also be due to production errors in the household appliances. They cause toasters to burn, stereos to distribute electric shocks or to burn through cables.

Can a toaster burn?

Toaster as a source of danger “To prevent toasters, kettles, coffee machines and the like from burning, these devices should not work unsupervised,” says Behrendt. The toaster’s crumb tray should also be emptied regularly. This applies to all devices: “Because not only cheap goods burn,” emphasizes Drews.

Can a kettle burn?

Poor workmanship or faults in the heating coil can cause the kettle to catch fire. This means that there is almost no risk that plastic elements or other flammable parts in the vicinity of the kettle will start to burn.

Can a toaster explode?

Unfortunately, there are always house fires, but it is not every day that a toaster causes this situation. The fire in the toaster triggered a corresponding development of heat, which led to the gas cartridge bursting and deflagration.

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