What content must an invoice have?

What content must an invoice have?

Full name and address of the entrepreneur providing the service and the recipient of the service. Tax number or sales tax identification number. Invoice issue date. Consecutive invoice number.

What documents are required to issue an invoice to the customer?

This information belongs on your invoices. Full name and address of the issuer. Full name and address of the recipient. Consecutive invoice number. Tax number or VAT number of the issuer. Date of issue of the invoice. Quantity and type of product delivered or Other entries…•

How can I correct an invoice?

You can always correct the bill. There are two ways to do this: If the invoice has not yet been paid, you can write a new invoice with the old invoice number. Or you create a correction document. Click here to see the invoice example.

What must be on a foreign invoice?

Invoices from abroad must contain the following information: Full name and full address of the rendering company abroad. The sales tax identification number (if available) of the company providing the service is the tax number for companies from third countries.

What must be on the invoice for a reverse charge?

In the case of the reverse charge procedure, the service provider must note the following when issuing his invoice in addition to the other information pursuant to Section 14 (4) UStG: VAT may not be shown separately (it is not harmful if the VAT line says “EUR 0.00 ” is specified);

What must be on a reverse charge invoice?

If a domestic entrepreneur invoices a reverse charge service that he has provided in another EU country, his invoice must contain the information “tax debtorship of the service recipient” (or a corresponding wording, see above) (Section 14a (1) UStG).

What must be on a 13b invoice?

The invoice must contain a note that the recipient of the service owes the sales tax in accordance with § 13b UStG. Eg: “I hereby allow myself to issue the following invoice for construction work. According to §13b UStG, the recipient of the service owes the sales tax for this service.

What must be on an invoice from the USA?

The invoice must contain a reference to the reverse tax liability. The legislator specifies the wording “tax liability of the service recipient”. This wording should be on all invoices from abroad. Internationally, the English phrase is the most well-known: “Reverse Charge”.

Which services are covered by reverse charge?

It discusses which services and other supplies fall under the reverse charge system and how the system applies. This can be, for example, a work delivery or other service that is carried out by an entrepreneur from another EU country. Subcontractors are often employed.

Which services fall under 13b UStG?

The services that fall under Section 13b (2) No. 4 Sentence 1 UStG also include the installation of windows and doors as well as floor coverings, elevators, escalators and heating systems, but also of furnishings if they are permanently connected to a building are, such as

When does the reverse charge procedure take effect?

In all of these cases, the reverse charge procedure only applies if the recipient of the service is (1) an entrepreneur (in this case also if the service is obtained for the non-entrepreneurial area of ​​the entrepreneur) or (2) a legal entity of the public sector Right; if this is not the case, stay…

What does construction work include?

Construction services are work deliveries and other services that serve the manufacture, repair, maintenance, modification or removal of buildings, with the exception of planning and monitoring services.

What is a builder?

In section 182a, paragraph 10, sentences 2 and 3 of the UStR, the tax authorities base their qualification as a “constructor” on whether the recipient of the service “at the time the construction work was carried out” had already carried out construction work himself.

What are construction services within the meaning of 48 EStG?

Only construction works are affected by the tax deduction. According to § 48 paragraph 1 EStG, these are all services that serve the manufacture, repair, maintenance, modification or removal of buildings.

Who needs the exemption certificate?

The contractor can apply for an exemption certificate from the tax office. This is always possible when the tax office has no doubt that the contractor will reliably pay his taxes. If the contractor has been granted the exemption certificate, he presents it to the service recipient.

Who needs an exemption certificate 48 EStG?

The exemption certificate It is recommended for every construction company to apply for such a certificate (informally) from the tax office and, if necessary (maximum term of three years), to have it extended.

Who needs a 13b certificate?

building cleaning services. As proof, the tax authorities issue a certificate to the entrepreneur. In this proof, the tax authorities alternatively certify that the entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who carries out sustainable construction work in accordance with § 13b para.

Who needs a construction tax exemption certificate?

Who needs a certificate of exemption for construction work? In principle, all building contractors should have an exemption certificate issued by the tax office, because otherwise the recipient of the service has to withhold 15% of the construction invoice and pay it to the tax office.

When is the certificate of exemption 48b EStG?

(2) A certificate should be issued if the service provider makes it credible that there are no tax claims to be secured.

Who must withhold construction withholding tax?

In principle, landlords belong to the group of people who are obliged to withhold the construction withholding tax. However, no construction withholding tax needs to be withheld if he does not rent more than two apartments (Section 48 (1) sentence 2 EStG).

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