What counts as specialist literature?

What counts as specialist literature?

Books, magazines and also electronic media that serve to impart knowledge related to the profession are referred to as specialist literature. They are aimed at a specialist audience and use specialist vocabulary. Scientific information can also be included.

What is tax literature?

If you use specialist books for your work, you can set them off as specialist literature. They are part of the work equipment and are fully deductible as income-related expenses on the tax return. But watch out: not all books are considered work equipment.

What can I do as a lump-sum tax deductible?

In principle, you can deduct all expenses caused by your job as income-related expenses in your tax return. Even if you did not have a lot of professional expenses in the last year, a flat fee will be deducted from you: the employee flat-rate amount of 1,000 euros.

Is specialist literature a work tool?

The acquisition costs for specialist literature are deductible as expenses for work equipment. The employee has to prove that the purchased books / magazines are exclusively or predominantly operational or

How much is the flat rate for work equipment?

A flat rate of 110 euros per year can be set for work equipment. This includes office supplies, tools, work clothing, office furniture, PCs, specialist literature. If the actual costs for work equipment are higher, they should be proven and stated using receipts.

How much is the flat rate for advertising expenses?

The tax office takes into account an employee lump sum of 1,000 euros as income-related expenses – without any evidence. This amount will also be deducted from your income from non-self-employed work if you have incurred little or no income-related expenses.

Which business expenses are deductible?

The spectrum of advertising costs is wide: This includes, for example, double housekeeping if you have a second home because of the job, the study, application costs, account management (the tax office accepts a flat rate of up to 16 euros without proof), 20 percent of the telephone costs or moving costs, if that …

What are the advertising costs?

Advertising costs include all costs that you incur through your work. The tax office takes a lump sum of 1,000 euros into account for employees.

What does other advertising expenses count?

Other business expenses can include a variety of expenses, but here are just a few examples: Professional attorney and court costs. Job-related telephone costs. Winter employment contribution.

What business expenses can students deduct?

As a student, you can deduct expenses for further education as business expenses. Advertising costs include the second household, the office, travel expenses and various work equipment – yes, including the new laptop! Only expenses borne by the person are taken into account.

Can students deduct rent?

Students in their first degree can deduct the rent for their room in a shared apartment or their student apartment as a special expense from tax. In the second degree, these costs can be claimed as income-related expenses.

How do I state semester contribution in my tax return?

If you want to deduct study costs as special expenses, you can enter the amount in question in the special expenses annex to the tax return, on page 1 in line 13 (information applies to the 2019 tax return).

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