What counts in the number of pages of the bachelor thesis?

What counts in the number of pages of the bachelor thesis?

Rather, a page is defined as a certain number of characters (e.g. 2,350 characters including spaces). If a thesis is allowed to have 30 pages, the number of characters in the document must not exceed 70500 characters.

How do you set up a master’s thesis?

Step 1: Finding a topic. Step 2: Literature research. Step 3: The outline. Step 4: The writing. Step 5: Finish the work. Step 6: Print the work.

How many sources does a good master’s thesis have?

3-5 sources per page, but this can vary greatly depending on the course and topic of the bachelor thesis. Make sure that you do not rely too much on the literature and that you also do your own work.

How many chapters should a master’s thesis have?

In this general structure, the master’s thesis thus comprises five chapters. However, depending on the topic, the structure of your master’s thesis may also require more chapters.

How old can sources be for a master’s thesis?

if you are sure that the world is still round, then it does not matter whether the source information is old. It can be of any age. It is only important that the information is correct and not out of date today.

Are studies scientific sources?

An article from a scientific journal describes scientific studies. These articles provide an overview of the latest research: study history, type of studies already published, and need for further research.

What are non-scientific sources?

Non-scientific sources – e.g. articles from newspapers or practitioners’ magazines, reports from politics, etc. – can also be used, especially if there are no scientific publications on a topic (which is rarely the case).

What is the science language?

Scientific language is a technical language. It is used for professional communication in scientific discourses. Scientific language is strongly formalized and standardized (technical style); formalization and standardization are more pronounced in some scientific disciplines than in others.

Is a bachelor thesis a scientific work?

What is a bachelor thesis? The bachelor thesis is called bachelor thesis or bachelor thesis. It is a scientific text for the completion of a bachelor’s degree that is written by students.

Can you quote a bachelor thesis?

If you quote from a bachelor thesis, you must therefore add the addition unpublished in the source. If a bachelor thesis or master thesis is publicly available, e.g. B. with a URL or in a library, it is possible to quote them.

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