What degree do you get after the 11th grade at Lower Saxony Gymnasium?

What degree do you get after the 11th grade at Lower Saxony Gymnasium?

The following qualifications can be obtained in the school year: the secondary qualification I – secondary school qualification, the secondary qualification I – secondary school qualification, the extended secondary qualification I.

Do you have technical qualifications after 11?

Those who leave school after the 11th or 12th grade with the academic part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification do not yet have the advanced technical college entrance qualification, as the practical part is missing. School leavers have eight years to complete the practical part.

Is 11th grade a graduating class?

The 11th grade is not a final class, as it does not end a branch of school.

How old are you in 11th grade?

class (gym). The oldest in the class will soon be 12, so he is almost two years older. Most children are 10 or recently 11.

What is a senior class?

Definition of graduation class in the German dictionary last class before the end of school or training.

What is the old name of the high school years?

This is how the students of the 8th and 9th grades from the middle level of the Gymnasium used to be called. The old designations for grades 5 to 13 are: sexta, quinta, quarta, lower tertia, upper tertia, lower secondary, upper secondary, lower primate and upper primate.

How old are you in seventh grade?

7th grade = 13 years old. 8th grade = 14 years old.

What are the 5th and 6th grades called?

From sixth to primary The next class was the sixth (= year 5), then the quinta (= year 6), quarta (= year 7), lower tertia (= year 8), upper tertia (= year 9), lower secondary (= year 10), Obersekunda (= year 11), Unterprima (= year 12) up to Oberprima (= year 13).

What are the classes in high school called?

High school. The grammar school is divided into the lower level (grades 5 to 7), middle level (grades 8 to 10) and the upper level. The aim is to acquire the university entrance qualification.

How many classes are there in high school?

The grammar school in Bavaria currently has eight grades from five to twelve (G8); however, it has been decided to return to high school with nine grades (G9).

What branches are there in high school?

Bavaria: Scientific and technological grammar school (formerly: Mathematical and scientific grammar school) Language grammar school (formerly: Modern language grammar school) Music grammar school. Economic and social science grammar school (formerly: Economic grammar school or

How many years are you in high school?

6 years and finishes with the middle school certificate. The Gymnasium lasts 8 years and ends with the Abitur.

How long do you have Latin in high school?

– This level is reached in the G8 with Latin as a second foreign language after five years of compulsory instruction – i.e. after class 10 – with at least grade 4 in the annual report.

How long does it take to graduate high school?

The Abitur usually lasts three years and consists of a one-year introductory phase and a two-year qualification phase.

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