What degree do you get at college?

What degree do you get at college?

While universities award all academic degrees (Bachelor, Master, MPhil, Ph.D.), affiliated colleges usually only offer Bachelor and, in a few cases, Master’s programs.

Is it possible to study in Germany with a high school degree?

A high school diploma alone does not entitle you to study directly in Germany. If all conditions are met, your high school diploma will qualify you for the preparatory college and the assessment test.

How good is German B2?

You can understand difficult German texts and express yourself spontaneously and fluently on all questions. You speak (almost) as well as a German native speaker.

What can you do with a c1 certificate?

You can also take the C1 exams to determine your language level or just to learn German (especially listening and reading comprehension). You can practice and prepare the listening comprehension and reading comprehension parts particularly well with these model exams.

Is it possible to study at a university with c1?

There are several telc C1 exams. Although you may be admitted to special universities such as art or music academies with a general language telc exam, this should be excluded at most “normal” universities.

What is the difference between telc c1 and telc c1 Hochschule?

The telc Deutsch C1 exam is a general language exam, especially for adults, at a very high linguistic level. The telc Deutsch C1 Beruf exam, on the other hand, is more important for everyday professional life and work in German companies. Here, too, a high level of language is required.

How long does it take for c1 German?

A C1 German course has a duration of 400 lessons of 45 minutes each.

Is telc c1 recognized?

The conference of university rectors and the conference of ministers of education recognize the certificate telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule as proof of the linguistic ability of foreign applicants to study in Germany. Telc certificates are also recognized at numerous universities in Austria and Switzerland.

How can you pass telc c1 Hochschule?

In order to pass, you have to achieve a total of at least 60% (128 points out of a maximum of 214 points), with a minimum of 60% in both the written and the oral part.

How long is telc valid?

telc certificates are valid for an unlimited period.

What is a TELC certificate?

TELC GmbH is a language test provider with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. As a subsidiary of the German Adult Education Association, the non-profit company offers the “European Language Certificates”.

Which telc exams are there?

The telc B1 and B2 exams have been running stable and successfully for many years … The criteria are – as with the scaled exams – more extensive. The three criteria are assessed independently of one another.

How much does b1 exam telc cost?

telc certificates – fees Examination telc German B1140.00 € / 160.00 € * Examination telc German B2170.00 / 190.00 € * Examination telc German C1 Hochschule 190.00 / 225.00 € *

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