What distinguishes a police officer?

What distinguishes a police officer?

The requirements of a police officer include: team spirit, sense of responsibility, flexibility, communication and physical fitness. We have briefly explained the most important qualities that you should have as a future police officer.

What do you need to bring with you as a police officer?

Become a police officer: the requirements For the higher service, you usually need a higher education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification. For the middle service, the middle school certificate is required, or a secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training.

When are police recruitment tests?

Start your professional future on April 1st or October 1st of each year. You can submit your application all year round, the application documents are available on the website of the Lower Saxony police force. If you meet the formal recruitment requirements, you will be invited to the recruitment test.

How should you dress for a recruitment test?

If you are applying in the craft sector, a casual check shirt, decent jeans or a properly washed and ironed T-shirt is absolutely fine. The rule of thumb is: It is best to dress as you would go to an interview.

How does an aptitude test work?

The tests usually last between 60 minutes and 3 hours. A break can usually be taken halfway through a 3-hour test. There may be breaks in the tests conducted at home. The company specifies how often an interruption of the test is allowed.

How important is the placement test?

The aim of a recruitment test is to test the skills of the applicants. This way the company can decide whether you really fit the job. In an assessment test, the main thing that is checked is the extent to which you can convince with your professional competence. In a recruitment test, the complete package is important.

What is an aptitude test?

Aptitude test: questions, exercises and assignments. HR managers use a recruitment test or aptitude test to find out how good the general education of applicants is, how you can deal with numbers, how confident you are in German and which character traits stand out.

What is a training aptitude test?

Here you are asked to answer a series of questions about your characteristics or behavior and/or indicate the extent to which certain statements apply to you. Knowledge tests are also common. In addition to general knowledge, knowledge about specific areas such as economics, politics or society is often asked for.

When do you get a confirmation from the police?

There are preliminary commitments, but only with reservations. You get this if you did particularly well in the selection process. Otherwise you have to wait until all applicants are through. The documents must be submitted by the day of the appointment at the latest, otherwise you can still be kicked out.

How long does an online recruitment test take?

How long does a recruitment test take? The range is very large: With the online recruitment test, you can expect about an hour. A recruitment test with the police, on the other hand, can take several days depending on the federal state.

How long does it take to respond to a public service application?

You will often receive confirmation of receipt of your application documents after just a few days of processing time. However, further information, such as an invitation to an interview, may only arrive after a period of several weeks.

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