What do F and FF mean?

What do F and FF mean?

If the quotation or the analogous adoption goes beyond one page, the indication “f.” or “ff.”: An f stands for “following” and means exactly the next page. P. 12f.

What does the abbreviation f mean?

The abbreviation f. Stands for “following” or is now explained as such, but it is actually an originally folk etymological reinterpretation of the originally neo-Latin abbreviations for folio (ablative of folium) “on the (next) side”, which were used internationally as early as the Middle Ages. The indication “Page 40 ff.

What does Paragraph FF mean?

That means the following. That in turn means, for example in paragraphs or lines, that the next one is meant. ff. means what follows, again based on paragraphs Co.

What does FF mean in the floor plan?

The functional area FF is that part of the net floor area NGF that is available for building services systems. The main usable area HNF is that part of the usable area NF, which serves the purpose and use of the building in the narrower sense.

What does the A stand for?

The letter À (lower case à) is a letter of the Latin writing system, consisting of an A with a grave accent. In addition, à also means “je” or “zu je” in German. …

What does fr stand for?

Word Meaning / Definition: 3) Abbreviation for Friday. 4) Abbreviation for Fridays.

What’s FF in English?

fortissimo [Abk.: ff ] Adj. Following pages [Abk.: ff. ] following pages) [Abk.: ff. ] and the following [Abk.: et seqq., et sqq.]

What’s FF on Twitter?

Do you see tweets with #ff or #followfriday on Twitter and wonder what that means? Well, here comes the enlightenment. Follow Friday is a Twitter custom in which users recommend other Twitter users every Friday.

What does OOMF mean?

This means “oomf” on Twitter. The abbreviation “oomf”, like the abbreviations “idd” or “TIL”, is used especially in social networks such as Twitter or Instagram and stands for the English words “one of my followers”.

What does MT mean in chat?

8 answers. If someone writes “do Mt” in their status, it means that you can win something if you give something, so practical: the organizer of Mt receives presents from several people. Whoever submits the best gift of these people will receive the reward.

Why is Twitter called Twitter?

Microblogging service of the US company Twitter Inc. Twitter (English for Twitter) is a microblogging service of the company Twitter Inc. On Twitter, registered users can broadcast telegram-like short messages. The messages are called “tweets” (from English to tweet “twitter”).

What do the characters on Twitter mean?

The @ sign is used to identify user names in tweets, for example “Hello @Twitter! “. Other people will use your @username to mention you in tweets, send you a message, or connect to your profile.

What does interact on Twitter mean?

Interactions: The total number of times a user has interactions with a Tweet. This includes all clicks on the tweet, including all retweets, replies, “follow” and “likes”, links, cards, hashtags, embedded media, usernames, profile photos or tweet extensions.

Why should I use Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform that thrives on real-time communication. On Twitter, private users and companies have the opportunity to publish their opinions, ideas and the like via “tweet”. When something happens in the world, Twitter is usually a good place to go to get the latest information.

Why Twitter for Business?

For companies, this means that tweets do not necessarily have to be published for likes. Rather, the platform offers the opportunity to spread the latest news or to respond to discussions within the target group.

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