What do I do with an MBA?

What do I do with an MBA?

Who is an MBA for? During an MBA course, leadership and management skills are taught, and technical knowledge and intercultural skills are promoted. In addition, an MBA degree can also promote personal development.

What do you need for an MBA degree?

MBA degree: Requirement(s)Min. one to two years of professional experience. Good knowledge of English. Normally a first degree (but there are exceptions, see below) Ambition and determination. An environment that accepts your additional work / study load.

Which titles do you have to name?

The academic degrees doctor and professor must be in the address, directly in front of the name. Doctor is always abbreviated (Dr.). Professor can, but does not have to be abbreviated (Prof.), in the address you should also list his doctoral title(s).

Who can call themselves a professor?

In order to be allowed to keep his title, the adjunct professor must continuously provide the so-called title teaching. If he pauses for too long, he loses his teaching license and with it the right to call himself a professor.

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