What do I expect from my internship as a geriatric nurse?

What do I expect from my internship as a geriatric nurse?

My expectations of the internship I expect from my internship to get an insight into the professional world of geriatric nurses. I also hope to work in different fields of activity. I also hope that I will feel comfortable in the working atmosphere and that I will learn a lot about the job.

How can I find an internship?

Most job boards on the Internet also have a section for internships. The job advertisements often contain links to the company’s homepage. All of these services are free, but some exchanges require you to be registered in order to view the offers.

Can I ask for money for an internship?

Good salary or free wages: remuneration for internships. In fact, with the introduction of the minimum wage since January 1, 2015, interns are also entitled to 8.50 euros per hour. The minimum wage is 9.35 euros per hour. So you can count on a gross salary of 1,496 euros.

Why are interns not paid?

the internship lasts a maximum of three months and accompanies an apprenticeship or a course of study. In other words, employers do not have to pay interns a minimum wage if they complete an internship during their training or studies that is related to the training.

How high can an expense allowance for interns be?

Instead of the minimum wage, many companies opt for an expense allowance as a contribution to the costs for the intern. This is usually 450 euros per month, but varies depending on the duration and scope of the internship.

How many interns can I hire?

Who can hire interns? There are no legal regulations or special requirements for employers if they want to offer an internship or hire interns.

Does an internship have to be insured?

In the case of a paid internship, there is an obligation to have health and long-term care insurance as an employee. If the internship is unpaid, there is always health and nursing care insurance, which the intern must take out himself.

Which person group code for interns?

Person group code 105 applies to interns.

When is an internship subject to social insurance?

Students do not pay any social security contributions for internships during their studies that are stipulated in the study or examination regulations – regardless of how long the internship lasts and how high the salary or weekly working hours are.

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