What do I expect from my internship?

What do I expect from my internship?

Example: I expect from my internship that I can improve my manual skills. An internship in your workshop should help me to consolidate my career aspirations and to bring me closer to the necessary qualifications.

What belongs in the internship folder?

An internship report is a detailed report on the internship that you completed as part of your school or university education in an institution or company. Depending on the educational institution, the content and form of the internship portfolio differ.

What does not belong in the training contract?

What must not be included in a training contract Passing on of costs to the trainee. Obligation to remain in the company after the training. Occupational bans or contractual penalties after the training has expired or ended.

Who has to sign the report booklet?

Vocational school teachers do not have to see or sign the report books. Parents: In the case of underage trainees, the legal representatives confirm their knowledge.

What happens if you forget the report booklet?

If a report booklet is not submitted when requested or kept inappropriately, sooner or later this can even lead to termination without notice and termination of the training relationship. However, a termination must be preceded by at least two written warnings.

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