What do I have to consider if I want to open a cafe?

What do I have to consider if I want to open a cafe?

Self-employed people who want to open a café have to do more bureaucratic work than you might think at first: You have to go to the health and trade office, you need a health certificate and a license to sell food and alcohol if you have them in your coffee shop

How much money does it take to open a cafe?

You want to open a cafe. And yes, you need equity to implement your café concept. It doesn’t work without it. As a rule of thumb, founders should own at least 20-30% of the total capital requirement as equity.

Is a cafe a restaurant?

Café and restaurant are terms that do not exist in commercial law. There the relevant term is “Gaststätte”! A restaurant exists if food and/or drinks are offered for consumption on site. A permit is required if alcoholic beverages are offered for consumption on site.

Is a pub gastronomy?

The term pub is the colloquial form of restaurant or pub. In a pub, it is primarily drinks that are served – mostly beer and other alcoholic beverages for consumption on the spot. Occasionally, however, small dishes are also offered.

What counts as a restaurant?

A restaurant, also “inn”, “inn”, “tavern”, “inn”, “economy”, “pub” or “tavern”, is a business in the hospitality industry in which drinks or food are sold for immediate consumption and which offers a place to stay.

What is the difference between pub and restaurant?

The pub is a pub that mainly serves beer, but also other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Since pubs often also offer small dishes or snacks, the border to the restaurant is fluid.

Is a bakery a gastronomy?

BGH: A bakery with seating is a café 1 of the Restaurant Act (guest). In fact, there is also seating in the branches to eat and drink on site. In addition, the bakery also sells normal bread rolls to take away.

Is a snack bar a restaurant?

The snack bar, which also has seats, is, so to speak, a subset of the generic term restaurant and restaurant law therefore applies. The difference between a snack bar and a restaurant is not in the size, but in the way the ordering process is carried out.

What is the legal form of a snack bar?

There are several common legal forms in the food and snacks sector. However, since a snack bar is often realized on a small scale, three legal forms are particularly suitable: UG, GbR and the sole proprietorship.

What is the difference between a bistro and a restaurant?

The bistro is a French variant that is to be classified between the German pub and the restaurant. In France, however, it has neither the status of a tavern (French auberge), nor a small restaurant or even a café.

What is the difference between bistro and takeaway?

“Bistro” is the French term for “snack stand” and is intended to appeal to a more upscale audience. A snack bar offers food mainly across the street, a bistro offers seating.

What is a bistro?

A bistro is assigned to gastronomy. It is a small-sized restaurant, which is usually characterized by simple furnishings and equipment. Food and drinks are offered here, although the menu is usually small and manageable.

What is the place?

Local (Latin localis = ‘local’) refers as an adjective to: small geographical areas, see scale level. the spatial limitation to an organ/body part (in medicine), see also local therapy.

What is a coffee shop?

Café is the French word for the drink coffee, but also describes a pub where (mainly) coffee is served. The term has been adopted in many languages ​​as a designation for this type of restaurant.

What is a daytime cafe?

The Penzberg city council once approved the Märznhof as a so-called daytime café. This term is associated with coffee, cake, maybe drinks and an opening time that does not last until night.

How to write coffee

And only in this spelling is coffee really coffee, the encroachment on the valued beverage. Maybe it’s because there’s not enough coffee or caffeine that typos regularly creep into the word coffee. Although caffeine is really only written with an “E” and coffee with two.

How is the cafe spelled?

But there is no trace of coffee, coffee and coffee, there is no further information in the Duden. This leads to the conclusion that at least “cafee” and “coffee” are due to ignorance or typos. The word “coffee” is and will remain correct in the German language.

How is cat spelled?

GrammarSingularPluralNominativedie Katzendie KatzenGenitiveder Katzender KatzenDativeder Katzenden KatzenAccusativedie Katzendie Katzen

What is the article of coffee?

The plural form of coffee is coffees. The definite article for the nominative plural is always die – it makes no difference which gender the word has.

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