What do I have to consider if I want to open a restaurant?

What do I have to consider if I want to open a restaurant?

Requirements for running a restaurant Self-employed people need other documents for the application, for example a tax clearance certificate from the tax office, a current police clearance certificate, commercial insurance and a health certificate from the health department.

What do you say as a waitress in a restaurant?

Order something to eat Waiter: I’d be happy to. Waiter: Did you like it? / Was everything okay with you? Guest: Yes, the food was delicious. Waiter: Would you like another dessert or an espresso?

Can I open a restaurant without training?

Requirements: Can I open a restaurant without training? If you want to open your own restaurant, you don’t need any special training. However, experience in the catering and service sector is still recommended.

How many parking spaces does a restaurant have to have?

There is no legal obligation for a restaurant owner to offer parking spaces to their customers. It’s also not possible if you open your restaurant in the pedestrian zone.

How many parking spaces per rental apartment?

GaStellVNr.VerkehrsquelleNumber of parking spaces1.3Building with apartments for the elderly0.2 parking spaces per apartment1.4Weekend and holiday homes1 parking space per apartment1.5Children’s, school and youth hostels1 parking space per 20 beds, at least 2 parking spaces1.6Student residences1 parking space per 5 beds62

How many parking spaces does an employer have to provide?

In principle, employees are not entitled to parking spaces for employees under labor law.

Is a company obliged to provide parking spaces?

(1) The employer is generally not obliged to provide parking spaces for employees employed by him. In principle, however, there is no obligation to provide parking spaces.

How many parking spaces per house?

In the case of two- and multi-family houses, there are 1.5 parking spaces per residential unit. If there are more than four common rooms or more than 156 square meters of living space per residential unit, two parking spaces and a bicycle parking space must be built. For apartments (up to 30 square meters) there is a parking space and a bicycle parking space.

Is the landlord obliged to provide parking spaces?

Regulations for parking space rental. The landlord of a residential complex is not generally obliged to provide every tenant with a parking space. The right to use a parking space can be stipulated in the rental agreement.

How far can a parking space be from the apartment?

A distance of 1000 m is quite reasonable even for local residents, as long as they are not handicapped people. As far as I can see correctly, this is the general tendency of administrative case law. Of course, there is no rigid limit to the distance.

What must a landlord provide?

Make the apartment available: As the landlord, you must make the apartment available to your tenant and hand over the keys to the tenant on the date specified in the rental agreement. From this point on, the tenant has the domiciliary rights in the apartment.

Can I rent a parking space on a public street?

In the so-called public parking space (municipalities), nobody will rent or sell you a space, unless for a 7-digit amount or more. This is only possible if you are a resident there. Then you can have a resident parking permit issued by the public order office.

What is public parking?

A public traffic area generally exists when the traffic area in question is expressly or with the tacit toleration of the person entitled to dispose of it authorized for use by everyone or at least by a generally defined larger group of people and is actually used.

How do I recognize a private parking space?

All parking spaces, except for one, are clearly marked as private parking spaces. One parking lot only has parts of a license plate number (eg X – 007) in white. According to the law, the owner can generally have illegally parked vehicles towed from his parking space.

Who owns the parking lot in front of the house?

Karlsruhe. According to a magazine report, there is no right to a parking space in front of one’s own house. As the magazine “Das Grundeigentum” (Issue 15/2016) reports, this also applies if the house can only be reached via a special route.

What can I do if someone parked on my property?

If a stranger parks in the driveway to private property, he or she hinders the owner or owner from using the property (disturbance of possessions). There is a claim for injunctive relief or removal (§§ 1004, 862, 858 Para. 1 BGB): The illegal parker must drive away.

How long can a caravan stay on the road?

According to the Road Traffic Act (§ 12 Paragraph 3b), an uncoupled caravan trailer may not be parked on public roads or parking lots for longer than two weeks.

How long can you stand in a parking lot?

According to StVO § 12, these may only be parked for a maximum of 14 days. An exception are trailers on appropriately marked parking spaces.

How long can you stay in a public parking lot?

They, too, may not be parked on public streets and squares for longer than two weeks, otherwise a fine will be due. And a deregistered vehicle may not be parked in the public area at all, but must be parked on private property.

How long can a car stand still without being moved?

3b StVO: Vehicle trailers without a towing vehicle may not be parked for longer than two weeks. This does not apply to designated parking spaces. Accordingly, trailers that are to be parked for more than 14 days require a permit that allows the special use of the traffic area.

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