What do I have to consider in a description?

What do I have to consider in a description?

What should be considered when describing? The description must be written in a precise, unambiguous and clear language. The use of foreign words must be adapted to the target group.

How do I make a description?

Write a description of the item Start with typical features and then describe special features. Keep a logical order: For example, describe the item from left to right or top to bottom. Write your item description in the present tense.

How can you describe a person?

List of the five defining characteristics of every human being: Extraversion. Very distinctive: Talkative, sociable, dominant, hands-on, spontaneous, cordial, cheerful, optimistic. emotional stability. Openness. Conscientiousness. Compatibility.

What is important for a good relationship?

balance. A good relationship is characterized by a certain balance. Acceptance & Respect. Mutual acceptance and mutual respect is also an important feature of a good relationship that should not be underestimated. Sex. friendships. Humor. Argument. Care. To stand by each other.

What should the partner have?

Humour, honesty and loyalty are probably the most common answers to the question: “What qualities should the perfect partner have?” There are many other things that are important in a relationship. After all, a relationship is a complex construct between two people.

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