What do I have to do at Outline?

What do I have to do at Outline?

When formulating an outline / speech in writing, one should pay attention to clarity. Numbering can help. In the example opposite, the most important points are marked with Roman numerals, the sub-points with capital letters, subordinate ideas, arguments, evidence, etc.

What is an outline in English?

Outline is a term from English and literally translated means: contours, sketch or outline. It is used in various contexts in German-speaking countries. An outline is commonly referred to as a sketch for text.

What is the difference between outline and summary?

An outline refers to something. In other words, the summary is the entire version of the text, whereby the outline is only aimed at one thing.

How do you write a summary?

It is best to read the text carefully at least twice. Underline key words. Try to divide the text into sections of meaning. Start your summary with an introductory sentence. Pick up the sections of meaning in your summary again and structure your text according to them.

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