What do I have to do if I want to be an organ donor?

What do I have to do if I want to be an organ donor?

The prerequisite for organ donation is that all brain functions have irreversibly failed. This condition is known as brain death. Brain death is the result of severe brain damage, which can occur, for example, as a result of a brain hemorrhage or a brain tumor.

What do you get for an organ donation?

Money is not an issue when it comes to organ donation. This is regulated in the Transplantation Act (TPG) of 1997. Violations are punishable by law. The recipient’s health insurance company covers the costs of organ donation, mediation and transplantation.

Can I register as an organ donor?

You can fill it out online and print it out or order it free of charge. Carry the organ donor card with you and inform your family of your decision. You don’t have to log in or register anywhere. No preliminary medical examination is necessary.

Which diseases affect the possibility of organ donation?

Donors with chronic diseases Anyone with a chronic disease can also become an organ donor after brain death. In this case, after brain death, doctors check whether the organs can be transplanted. Cancer, HIV or specific nervous disorders usually rule out organ donation.

Can you still donate organs at the age of 80?

There is no minimum or maximum age for organ donation. Since there are patients of all ages waiting for a life-saving donor organ, there is no upper or lower age limit.

Should you donate money pros and cons?

Reason enough, then, to discuss the pros and cons… Should I donate? List of pros and cons.ProConsWhen I donate, I have the feeling that I have done at least a little “good”. This is often lost in the stress of everyday life. In some cases, projects are supported that I do not consider worthy of funding.4 •

Can you feel pain when you are brain dead?

Since brain dead people no longer have a functioning brain, they cannot feel anything either. With every brain death diagnosis, the trigeminal nerve is stimulated and thus the greatest possible pain stimulus is triggered.

Do organ donors have pain?

A brain dead person feels no pain. Because his brain functions are completely gone, and without a functioning brain there is no pain. Because the brain is dead, it cannot receive pain stimuli or produce feelings or sensations.

Can you breathe when you are brain dead?

The decisive factor is that a brain-dead person cannot breathe spontaneously, so that the heart and circulatory system also come to a standstill without mechanical ventilation. The German Ethics Council agreed that brain death is a sufficient prerequisite for organ removal.

Can you live again after brain death?

Anyone who is declared brain dead after such a correctly performed examination is no longer conscious, feels no pain and will definitely never wake up again – because all brain functions have ceased.

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