What do I have to do to change my last name?

What do I have to do to change my last name?

Apply to the name change authority In the context of marriage or divorce (civil law change), the surname can be easily changed at the competent registry office (this applies to marriage and divorce).

How much does changing my surname cost?

If the competent authority agrees with your application: if a surname is changed: EUR 2.50 – 1,022 per person. if a first name is changed: EUR 2.50 – 255.00.

How many times can you change your last name?

The surname may be adjusted through marriage, divorce, adoption or other reasons through a name change request. This can happen multiple times in life. However, the surname you were born with will always remain.

Can you change the surname?

It is easy to change your last name after marriage or divorce. However, some people may want to change their last name for other reasons, or are very unhappy with their first name. A change of name through marriage or divorce constitutes a civil name change.

Can you adopt a new surname?

Traditionally, one partner usually takes the other’s last name. But this is not necessary, even after the wedding, both can keep their maiden names. If you don’t want that, you can easily take your maiden name back if you apply to the registry office.

Can you take on a middle name afterwards?

It is only possible to add a first name retrospectively by way of a public-law name change in accordance with the Name Change Act. The registry office is usually not responsible for this, but rather the legal office in your community / your residential area.

Can you change your last name without adopting?

Adoption is not required for this. Even without a change in custody, there is the possibility that the child will subsequently take the name of a stepparent, the so-called “naming”. In this constellation, a double name with a hyphen can also be selected as an exception.

Who decides about name changes?

A name change requires an application at the residents’ registration office or the registry office of the city.

Can my child take the new partner’s name?

If the mother with whom the child lives marries again, the child can be given the name of the new husband if the mother also adopts this name (§ 1618 BGB). However, the condition is that the father of the child agrees. If the child is already at least 5 years old, the child must also consent.

Who decides the child’s last name?

Sole Custody If you have sole custody, your child will automatically be given your family name. However, you can also jointly decide on the name of the other non-custodial parent. If your child is older than 5 years, your child must also agree to the name change.

What is the surname of an illegitimate child?

Surname for parents without joint custody If you and your partner are not married, only the mother has custody. Therefore, the illegitimate child receives the family name of the mother. If the child is at least 5 years old, they must also agree.

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