What do I have to do to open a restaurant?

What do I have to do to open a restaurant?

Everyone who wants to open a restaurant should have worked as a waiter at least during their studies in order to know what to expect. Even better than a part-time job is of course an apprenticeship as a cook or a degree in gastronomy management.

How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

Opening a restaurant is associated with considerable costs, for example for renovations, furnishings, equipment and supplies. Even smaller projects quickly need tens of thousands of euros; With franchising, the sum often even runs into six figures. This usually requires outside financing.

What do I have to consider if I want to open a cafe?

In order to set up your own café, you need to apply for a business registration at your local trade office. There is an administration fee for this, which can vary regionally (up to 40 euros).

How much money do I need to open a cafe?

You want to open a café. And yes, you need equity capital to implement your cafe concept. It doesn’t work without it. As a rule of thumb, it is said that founders should own at least 20-30% of the total capital requirement as equity.

How much does it cost to open a bar?

Experts estimate that you have to charge at least 40,000 euros (if it is very small), rather 100,000 and more, for the renovation and furnishing of your bar. Start-up costs (advice, fees, concessions, etc.) initial supply of drinks, etc. Remember to plan enough money for the unforeseen.

Can I just open a cafe like that?

Self-employed people who want to open a café have to deal with more bureaucratic work to set up a business than you might initially think: You have to go to the health department and the trade office, you need a health certificate and a license to sell food and alcohol if you have them in your Coffee shop …

Can I open a restaurant without training?

Requirements: Can I open a restaurant without training? If you want to open your own restaurant, you don’t need any specific training. However, experience in the catering and service sector is still recommended.

What does it cost to open an ice cream parlor?

If you want to open an ice cream parlor, you first need a trade license, which you can easily apply for from the local council. The fees for this are not uniformly regulated nationwide, so you have to reckon with costs of 10 to 40 EUR.

What can be sold in a café?

In principle, you can sell your homemade cakes in your café. It has to be baked either in your café or in a commercial kitchen that has been approved by the health department. However, your cake may only be eaten on site in the café.

Who can serve coffee?

If you only want to offer coffee and cake, you do not need a restaurant permit (concession). You only need this if you also want to serve alcoholic beverages. However, if you want to bake the cake yourself, the kitchen must meet the hygienic requirements.

Is a cafe a gastronomy?

These include, for example: pubs, restaurants and gourmet restaurants, bars, cafes, discos, ice cream parlors, snack bars, canteens, but also caterers and events, etc. The types differ according to gastronomic services, which are a combination of various factors: but …

Is a shisha bar gastronomy?

A shisha bar is a restaurant that offers smoking water pipes as a special service. These hookahs are of Arabic origin. They are smoked with tobacco, preferably with a fruit aroma or other flavors.

Is a pub catering?

The term pub is the colloquial form for restaurant or pub. In a pub, therefore, mainly drinks are served – mostly beer and other alcoholic beverages for consumption on the spot. Sometimes, however, small dishes are also offered.

Is a bakery a restaurant?

BGH: A bakery with seating is to be a café 1 of the Catering Act (guest). In fact, there is also seating in the branches to have something to eat and drink on site. In addition, the bakery also sells normal rolls to take away.

Is a bakery retail?

Depending on their size, bakeries are part of the food trade or the food industry.

What areas are there in gastronomy?

The gastronomy is that part of the hospitality industry that deals with the entertaining of guests … Operating modes Sale of food (with service or self-service), sale of drinks (serving in pubs, dance halls, bars), canteens and catering.

What can a bakery sell?

The confectioner can namely cakes, cupcakes, pastries or the like. make what you can sell in your bakery too. Especially if you also offer seating in your bakery, a piece of cake with coffee is wonderful.

What are bakeries allowed to sell on Sundays?

Working Hours Act Craft bakers are only allowed to bake for three hours on Sundays. Fresh bread on Sundays – a must for many bakeries. You can sell bread and rolls and bake them fresh. The latter, however, under time pressure, because the Working Hours Act only allows them three hours.

What do I need to open a bakery?

The first step when opening a bakery is to register on the craft register. This will make you a member of your competent Chamber of Crafts. You must present the confirmation of registration, which is mandatory, to the trade office in your municipality when registering your business.

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