What do I have to present as a tenant?

What do I have to present as a tenant?

Evidence to be provided by the tenant: Proof of income (last pay slips), employment contract, copy of identity card as well as the completed forms for the tenant self-assessment and, if necessary, the certificate of freedom from rent debts.

How do you increase the chance of getting an apartment?

Make sure you come to the apartment viewing. Punctuality, manners and smiles increase your chances enormously. Unfortunately, many landlords still have reservations about certain life situations. The most popular among landlords are married couples without children.

When should you start looking for an apartment?

In general, you should start looking for a new apartment 3-4 months before moving out in order to get to know the market and its prices at the same time.

How long does it take to find an apartment?

You can find it within 3 months, but also within 3 days, depending on you, your budget and the agent. Until one has found one or the search is canceled.

How quickly do you get social housing?

Owners of a housing authorization certificate are entitled to social housing. You must have your permanent place of residence in Germany or have a valid residence permit for at least one year. You must be of legal age. Your household income must not exceed the income limit.

How long can you live in a social housing?

The waiting period is therefore usually at least 1.5 years. The larger the apartment and the more special the wishes, the longer you have to wait for it.

Where do I have to apply for social housing?

What do I have to do to be able to move into social housing? In order to get social housing, you have to submit an application to the housing office of your district office. After checking your documents, the Housing Office will decide whether you will receive proof of entitlement to move into social housing.

Am I entitled to social housing?

Can you buy social housing?

If you want to sell a social housing, the principle applies that the tenancy law still remains strong. The buyer must therefore agree to buy an apartment that is rented to people with a residential entitlement certificate (WBS). This applies until the point in time at which the apartment loses its social bond.

Where can I get the urgency certificate?

You will only receive the ยง 5 certificate and the urgency certificate upon application to the district office or the town hall where you are registered. The urgency confirmation is issued ex officio without an application for certain groups of people in the district office.

When do you get an Urgency Certificate Hamburg?

Urgency certificate: Anyone who has lived in Hamburg for more than three years and whose extraordinary life situation, e.g. B. Illness that prevents him or her from looking for a suitable apartment for himself can be given an urgency certificate if he or she is urgently dependent on (another) apartment.

Who can get an Urgency Certificate Hamburg?

Please note that you can only receive an emergency certificate if you have been registered with your sole or main residence in Hamburg for at least three years. Note: Fees are charged for applying for a certificate of residence entitlement.

Where do I apply for a Hamburg residence permit?

You will receive the residence entitlement certificate from the district office in which you are registered. You can also inquire which district office is responsible for you by telephone on the uniform authority number 115 or the hotline (040) 428 28 0 or on the Internet at

What do you need to apply for a housing entitlement certificate?

Valid identity card or passport. Proof of the income of all persons belonging to the household within the last 12 months (pay slips, income tax assessments, evidence of income from capital assets or other)

How much income can you have to get a housing entitlement certificate?

Income limit of the household: 21,600 euros for one person | 32,400 euros for two people | For a three-person household with one child, the upper limit is 40,080 euros per year; Additional surcharges for each additional child, please inquire about the amount.

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