What do I have to sign when applying?

What do I have to sign when applying?

If you send your application in the classic way in an application folder by post, you also put your handwritten signature under the cover letter and CV in the classic way. It is best to use a black or blue ballpoint pen or fountain pen. It is best to write out your first and last name.

What do you have to sign your resume or application?

Even if the signature under the résumé is not an absolute “must”, we still advise you to sign both documents. Complete application documents always include your signature – in the cover letter and curriculum vitae.

What must be signed for an online application?

A signature under the cover letter and résumé was always a must in application folders … If you want to sign your online application, it should always look like this: With your first and last name, both at the end of the cover letter and on the last page of the résumé and handwritten (digitized).

How to insert a signature in an online application?

Inserting the digital signature Open the document in which you want to insert your digital signature with Microsoft Word. Then click in the menu bar on “Insert”, then on “Graphic”, then select the file with your signature and then click on “Insert”.

How can I sign a document?

Steps to Sign a PDF File. Open the PDF document or form that you want to sign. Click the “Sign” icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can select Tools> Fill in and Sign or Fill and Sign in the right pane.

Where can I get a cell phone signature?

With your FinanzOnline access data (participant identification, user identification and PIN) you can apply to activate your mobile phone signature yourself: To do this, log in with your FinanzOnline access data and select the menu item “Activate citizen card now” (further below to find).

What do I need the mobile phone signature for?

On the one hand, the mobile phone signature is your legally valid electronic signature on the Internet. It thus serves as an online ID with which you can digitally and securely sign documents or invoices online. The mobile phone signature is therefore your unique identification on the Internet.

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