What do I like to do in my free time?

What do I like to do in my free time?

Here I give you a small overview of the best indoor leisure activities you can do when the weather is bad.Escape Rooms | Live Escape Games. indoor skydiving | body flying Swimming pools & thermal baths. go-karting. go bowling & billiards. Go to the cinema. Go shopping. Board games.More entries…

How do I write my hobbies?

Please NEVER write hobbies in your CV. Even if this spelling can be found in abundance on the Internet, it is wrong! Terms taken from English that end in -y are formed in German and in the plural with -ys and not with -ies as is usual in English.

How much time do Germans spend at work?

People who work full-time work an average of almost five hours a day, spread over the week from Monday to Sunday.

On average, how often do we look at our cell phones per day?

On average, Germans look at their smartphones 30 times a day, and 18 to 24-year-olds even 56 times. Pensioners, on the other hand, only look at their cell phones nine times a day, according to the study “In smartphone frenzy: profile of German cell phone users” by the business consultancy Deloitte.

How often do you pick up your cell phone?

On average, we look at our cell phones every 18 minutes. And we pick it up 88 times a day. Often unknowingly, we spend several hours a day with our smartphones.

How much screen time is normal?

By the way, I’m not alone with my screen time. Various studies all came to a similar average cell phone use – more than three hours a day. This time is therefore considered normal.

What happens if you stay on the phone for too long?

Your eyes get tired. They can become dry, red, and even painful. Also, over time, you find it harder to focus on one thing. According to a recent study, the blue light from smartphones can even lead to blindness. Tip: Take your eyes off your cell phone more often and look into the distance.

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