What do I need for a good story?

What do I need for a good story?

Introduction, main part and conclusion? A story begins with the introduction, it continues into the main part and slowly increases the tension to the climax. At the end of the narrative there is an arc of suspense. Particularly expressive adjectives and verbs, as well as verbatim speech, bring the narrative to life.

What’s the best way to start a novel?

Before starting to write the book, it is best to formulate four sentences: Sentence 1: Summary of the story including the main conflict. Sentence 2: Triggering event and first act… .3. The drama act. At the beginning there is a triggering event and the first gradually increasing events. Act.

What do I have to consider if I want to write a book?

15 facts you should know before you start writing a book Don’t start completely haphazardly. What a good story needs. Find / organize ideas. Research. In which genre do you want to write your book? Main character (protagonist) Plot (plot) Locations / Backdrops.

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