What do I need to apply for a daycare voucher?

What do I need to apply for a daycare voucher?

Required documentsApplication form “Registration for the promotion of children” Proof of the consent of the other legal guardian. Identity document (copy) Proof of your place of residence. Birth certificate of the child (copy) For foster children: Foster contract (copy)

When does kindergarten start?

It stipulates that the kindergarten year always begins on August 1st and then all new places have to be taken. However, many parents do not want to start settling in until later in the year, for example if the child is still too young or they still have parental leave.

When to register for daycare in Munich?

Finding a place in a daycare center and registering online: Department for Education and Sport, KITA Munich division. If you are looking for a place in a day-care center, you can register your child via the kita finder +. For the day care year 2021/2022, registration for the initial allocation ends on March 10, 2021.

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