What do I need to argue well?

What do I need to argue well?

Good arguments (argument = evidence, reason) support us in this. Persuasiveness is not magic here, but depends on the quality of the argument. Every argument consists of an assertion or call to action and one or more arguments.

What is the difference between claim and reason?

When making an assertion, the person puts a thesis, event or occurrence in the room, of whose or whose correctness he or she is convinced. A justification supports the correctness of the claim (or not). Example: The ball rolls (claim) because it is round (reason).

Why is it important to be able to argue?

Arguing is important, whether verbally or in writing. Because arguing always means convincing your counterpart that your own view is meaningful and plausible. So one gives both arguments and evidence for a thesis as well as against it.

When is an argument weak?

You can easily recognize weak arguments by the fact that there are many different opposing opinions or opposing perspectives. “Strength” is actually not a function of the arguments, but of the (interest) position for which you are promoting. There are always interests behind the intentions that we pursue.

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