What do I need to install a satellite system?

What do I need to install a satellite system?

Equipment & Tools:Satellite dish.Wall mount.Cable.Satellite receiver.Self-vulcanizing adhesive tape or connector protector.Sealing compound.Fastening materials (screws with plastic anchors for masonry or expanding screws for concrete)Cable ties.More entries…

How does a dish antenna work?

Each satellite dish is constructed like a parabolic mirror. At a certain distance from the center is the receiving module, which picks up the electromagnetic rays emitted by the satellites. This point is called the focal point of the parabolic mirror.

What does 19 degrees east mean?

The position 19.2 degrees East indicates the position of the satellite from the prime meridian, which is at the position of the London Borough of Greenwich. This is why it is also called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

How many degrees does the satellite dish have to be in?

In most areas of Germany, the inclination angle is between 28 and 36 degrees, the azimuth angle between four and 19 degrees East. In order to find the perfect alignment, the system then needs to be fine-tuned.

Which frequency do I have to set?

Enlarge The best satellite TV frequencies at a glance With all DVB-S receivers, the satellite channels from Astra 1 are preset to 19.2 degrees East, occasionally also the channels from other satellites such as Hotbird at 13 degrees East or Astra 2 at 28 ,2 East. As a rule, you do not have to search for and tune into stations.

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