What do I need to know for an interview?

What do I need to know for an interview?

10 things to do for the best job interviewPreparing for the interview. Punctuality. Appearance towards the employees of the company. Greeting. Small talk. Conduct in conversation. Questions to you. Your questions.

In your opinion, what requirements do you have for the apprenticeship?

In your opinion, what are the prerequisites for the job? On the one hand, I am very sociable and enjoy dealing with people. I enjoy responding to them and figuring out how I can help them with their purchase decision. I am also very patient and resilient.

Why are you applying for an apprenticeship with us?

You want to show that you have many skills that you can apply in the new job that will move the company forward. You want to convey the necessary ambition and make it clear that the new position will challenge you.

Why am I exactly the right person for the job?

Repeat where your strengths lie, which successes speak for you and which professional experiences distinguish you. You should also describe exactly what appeals to you at the point. “I am the right person for this position because I have extensive and many years of experience in sales.

What do I answer to the question What are your weaknesses?

The hackneyed question about weaknesses reveals three things: your honesty, ability to self-reflect and your tolerance for frustration. Each of these three qualities are worth more than any weaknesses that you think will cost you the job.

What can you call a weakness?

Instructions: Present weaknesses well Name an honest weakness that is not a prerequisite for the advertised position (for example: remembering names) Finding restrictions (for example: sometimes when I am nervous, in large groups)

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