What do I need to register as unemployed after training?

What do I need to register as unemployed after training?

You should bring your identity card or passport with confirmation of residence, residence permit, work permit, social security card, notice of termination / employment contract, curriculum vitae.

When does the employer have to announce the takeover?

Even if you don’t plan to work in the company until you reach retirement age, you should speak to your boss about a takeover. Tip: If you would like to continue working in your training company after passing the final exam, you should definitely speak to your boss about it.

What to do if you are not taken over?

You are entitled to leave of absence. You must submit a written application to the training company as early as possible. According to Section 629 of the German Civil Code (BGB), the training company must release its trainees who are still not taking on from their work and still continue to pay the remuneration.

Why are trainees not taken on?

There are – of course – endless reasons why a company does not take the trainee into a permanent position. For example these: Economic reasons: The company cannot afford to take on all trainees. Restructuring: The company is dismantling or restructuring departments so that the trainee (or

How long will you have health insurance after completing your training?

In health insurance, you can often be insured with statutory health insurance for a period up to your 25th birthday free of charge. The family insurance also applies after the 18th birthday if, for example, children still go to school, study or do a voluntary social year.

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