What do I not have to say at the interview?

What do I not have to say at the interview?

30 things you should never say in a job interview “What are you doing here exactly?” “Ugh, for my last job…” “I couldn’t get on with my boss.” “I’m terribly excited” “I do every job . “” I don’t have that much experience, but … “” It’s on my résumé. “

Which question does an employee have to answer truthfully at the interview?

Questions about previous convictions are only permitted and only need to be answered truthfully if there is a connection with the specific job. Anyone applying to be a cashier would have to state a criminal record for theft, embezzlement or fraud, but not for being drunk behind the wheel.

What can be asked in the personnel questionnaire?

Permitted questions in the personnel questionnaire Questions about personal circumstances such as personal details, marital status and place of residence are permitted. Questions about professional career, qualifications, certificates and the like. Questions about the existence of a severe disability are permitted.

What is not allowed to be in the personnel questionnaire?

A personnel questionnaire must not contain any questions about union, party or religious affiliation (denomination must of course be communicated, due to church tax deduction). The only exception would be a trend in one of the directions mentioned.

What is important in the personnel questionnaire?

A personnel questionnaire is a standardized questionnaire in which applicants or employees who have already been hired provide information about their personal data.

What can the employer ask?

The employer may only ask about circumstances that are objectively suitable for increasing the risk inherent in an employment contract. Age. Education / professional career. Alcohol and drug use or addiction. Disability / severe disability. Professional availability / flexibility. Diseases. Gender.

What can the new employer ask?

Discretion: a matter of honor In general, potential new employers may only ask third parties for personal data about you with your consent. You can request information about the content of these questions.

What can I ask my boss?

Six questions you should definitely ask your bossWhat does optimal communication look like for you? What do you expect from me in the coming year? What are the characteristics of a good employee for you? In which areas can I improve? What are my chances of career advancement? In which areas can I support you?

What are the duties of a boss?

The head stands for the five tasks that the leader has to fulfill: promoting people, fulfilling the company’s purpose, creating systems, delegating and controlling.

What specifically can be improved in your workplace?

Showing appreciation Appreciation and respect are basic needs of almost all employees. This includes not only praise for good performance, but also constructive criticism, suggestions for improvement, opportunities for further training, openness to ideas and generally respectful interaction.

What is the boss allowed and not allowed to do?

Your boss must not ask you to share private things that you would not say of your own accord. Every employee has a right to privacy, which is also protected by the German legal system.

How far can the employer determine my free time?

It is not allowed that the employer calls the employee during their free time and asks them to get out of the “free” area. If the employer threatens to take legal action, this is unlawful and can constitute coercion (Section 240 of the Criminal Code).

What should you watch out for in a BEM conversation?

At the beginning of the interview, the employer should try to create a trusting atmosphere and convey to the employee that it is all about him and his recovery. The supervisor must inform the employee that the BEM is voluntary for him and ask about his willingness to do so.

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