What do I write in the email application?

What do I write in the email application?

The application documents for an online application by email are basically the same as for a classic application folder: cover letter or letter of motivation. CV with application picture. Testimonies.

Which certificates for application training?

Attachments that belong in your application: your last three school reports. Job references / letters of recommendation. Certificates (e.g. language courses and courses) Certificate of honorary positions (e.g. in a sports club)

Which certificate when applying for a degree?

Admission-free courses of study Basically, you only need the certificate of general university entrance qualification or advanced technical college entrance qualification for admission – however, some universities also require additional aptitude tests or pre-study internships here.

When is the best time to apply for a degree?

As a rule, the application process for new high school graduates runs from April 15 to July 15 for a winter semester and from October 15 to January 15 for a summer semester.

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