What do I write in the email for an unsolicited application?

What do I write in the email for an unsolicited application?

Dear Mr. XXX / Dear Ms. YYY, Dear Sir or Madam, You will find my application documents for the position as XXX in the attachment to the email. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to convince you in a personal conversation.

How does an unsolicited application work?

What exactly is an unsolicited application? The answer is simple: an unsolicited application is an application that is made without a specific job offer or job advertisement. So you don’t know whether there is a vacancy at all in the company – but you still apply.

When is it an unsolicited application?

Your dream employer has not advertised any suitable vacancies. In the end, you may have identified 10-15 ideal employers who seem to be a good fit. If you cannot find any vacancies there that appeal to you and match your profile, then an unsolicited application makes sense.

How do I write applications correctly?

Make it clear that you are applying and what you are applying for: “I hereby apply”. If you can refer to a conversation at a trade fair or a telephone call, please bring this in. You can also name the reference to a job advertisement here.

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