What do I write in the end?

What do I write in the end?

To ensure that the text flows well, you should start with a sentence that connects the final part with the main part of the text. This could be a statement that reflects the content of your essay, but also connects your essay to the broader topics that your final part briefly touches on.

What is the end of an interpretation?

Conclusion of the text analysis Has our initial guess been confirmed? Are there any unanswered questions that the text does not address or answer? What is our opinion? (Only if a teacher specifically requests it!)

How do you write a conclusion bachelor thesis?

It is important that no new arguments or lines of thought are listed in the conclusion of your bachelor thesis. Here you just summarize and reflect what you have already written before. Draw conclusions from what you have learned or researched and give an outlook on future research opportunities.

How long should a conclusion be?

The conclusion should make up about 5–10% of your entire bachelor thesis. This can vary depending on the university and the scope of the work, but you can stick to this guideline.

In which tense do you write a conclusion?

The conclusion is written in the present tense, when referring to research in the past tense.

How long does the introduction of the bachelor thesis have to be?

As already mentioned, the length of the text part (introduction to conclusion) of 40 to 60 pages is recommended for a bachelor thesis.

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