What do I write on my résumé in case of illness?

What do I write on my résumé in case of illness?

Whether for two months or two years, a long illness should be mentioned on the résumé and not concealed or masked by lies. You do not have to say exactly what illness it was, either in writing or orally, provided it could not endanger your colleagues or customers.

What hobbies do great on a resume?

Hobbies on your résumé: Watch out for the boomerang! Reading, running, cycling, swimming, jogging, horse riding, listening to music, hiking.

What are interest examples?

Reading, photography, horse riding, blogging, … Everyone has interests. Even if it is said that the application and résumé should be “complete” and “complete”, you can be picky, even selective, when it comes to this point. …

What Are Good Hobbies For The Resume?

Soccer, hockey, basketball and co .: These sports show HR managers that you are success-oriented and at the same time capable of working in a team. Hobbies such as tennis, on the other hand, allow conclusions to be drawn about you as a lone fighter. Do you swim and jog in your free time or even take part in marathons?

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