What do I write on the youth consecration envelope?

What do I write on the youth consecration envelope?

All good wishes for your youth consecration and for your life. We congratulate you warmly on your youth consecration. I wish you all the best for your youth consecration from the bottom of my heart. Love wishes for your youth consecration and a happy future.

How do you write a card for the wedding?

We wish you all the best for your wedding from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you all the best and all the best for your common path in life … We wish you all the best, happiness and everlasting love for your future together. May you always be as happy and in love as you are today!

How much do you give to the wedding?

Acquaintances, companions and colleagues give 30 to 50 euros per person. Good friends give at least 50 euros per person and give the gift of money a personal note. For family members and relatives, the wedding present should be warm and personal.

How much do you give as a couple for a wedding?

How much money is given for the wedding naturally depends on how well you know the bride and groom. A value of 50 to 100 euros is welcome for acquaintances or friends. With family members it can even be more. Up to 250 euros can be spent on the cash gift.

How much money do best man give for the wedding?

As a rule of thumb one says: “Give as much as you roughly cost the bride and groom that day. “With food, drinks and a seat (in the location), this amount should be roughly in the range of 50 to 100 euros.

How much money should parents give their children for a wedding?

Usually aunts, uncles and the parents of the bride and groom often give gifts from 100 and sometimes even up to 500 euros per person.

What do parents give for a wedding?

Bringing the Mother of the Bride to the Wedding The Traditions: A bride wears something blue, something borrowed, something given, something old and something new. The breach of tradition: Usually the father brings the bride to the altar.

What do the groom’s parents have to pay?

The groom’s parents traditionally finance the hen party before the wedding. Often the groom’s mother and father also pay for the drinks during the wedding reception or for flower arrangements.

What do the bride’s parents wear?

Traditionally, the bride’s mother chooses the dress first and then informs the groom’s mother about the color and style. In this way, the wedding photos also create a harmonious picture. White and also cream tones are inappropriate.

What color dresses for mother of the bride?

The mother of the bride’s outfit should also be ready two to three months before the wedding. A safe choice are classic shift dresses, elegant wrap dresses or tailored dresses with a flared skirt. Instead of black, you should use friendly colors such as pastel tones.

What color should the mother of the bride dress be?

If necessary, the clothes of the mother of the bride can also be adapted to the wedding colors – purple, green or light blue, for example, go well with the fashion for mothers of the bride. The colors black and white are of course no-go.

What colors are not allowed to wear to a wedding?

The absolute no-gos for wedding guests The color white is reserved for the bride alone! This also applies to dresses in cream, champagne, ivory and whatever their name is. White colors are taboo for guests – unless the bride asks.

Why can’t you wear red to a wedding?

The wedding dress code for colors is first and foremost geared towards ensuring that the bride’s female wedding guests are not allowed to steal the show under any circumstances. The color white, for example, is reserved for her alone. Red is considered aggressive and sexy in color psychology.

Why not a red dress as a wedding guest?

Red dress at a wedding – not a good idea For this reason, as a guest at a wedding, you should not wear a red dress. Red is a signal color. If you wear red, you will be a real eye-catcher. This is inappropriate for you as a wedding guest.

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