What do primary and secondary mean?

What do primary and secondary mean?

In the simplest case, primary storage is defined as the storage that is used to host critical systems and data, while secondary storage is the storage that hosts all other data that needs to be recovered to fully recover the environment after a major failure do.

What is meant by the term primary?

Primary (first, primarily, first available, initially, from the beginning, originally, primarily, in a preferred way) stands for: important, mainly, first-rate, original, see ordinal number. Primary (chemistry) Primary disease, a first independent disease.

What does the word secondary mean?

secondary adj. ‘belonging to the second order, standing in second place, secondary, coming afterwards’.

What does originally mean?

IPA: [ˈuːɐ̯ˌʃpʁʏŋlɪç], [uːɐ̯ˈʃpʁʏŋlɪç] originally. Meanings: [1] lying at the origin, at the source, the emergence, the birth, the creation, the first generation or referring to it.

What does the word tertiary mean?

The Tertiary was a geological age in the rank of a system (or a period) that comprised the older and much longer section of the Cenozoic (the New Earth Era). The term tertiary should no longer be used within the official geological time scale.

Which animals lived in the tertiary?

However, the Tertiary is particularly significant because of the appearance of many new terrestrial mammals. The first ungulates, proboscis, primates, predators and bats appeared and conquered many new habitats over the land bridges between America and Europe that still existed in the early Tertiary.

What is tertiary education?

The tertiary education area comprises the area in the education system of a state which, based on a completed secondary education, provides higher education or prepares for higher professional positions.

What does the tertiary sector include?

Also called the tertiary sector of the economy, which, in contrast to agriculture and forestry (primary sector) and manufacturing (secondary sector), does not produce material goods, but provides services.

What is Post Secondary Non Tertiary Education?

This subclass includes the delivery of post-secondary education that cannot be considered tertiary education. An example is the provision of post-secondary supplementary tuition in preparation for tertiary education or post-secondary, non-tertiary professional education.

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