What do the characters on the display mean?

What do the characters on the display mean?

The cell phone icon indicates that a screenshot has been taken. The three arrows mean that a new system update is available. The third icon indicates that the alarm clock has been activated. The handset with the wavy lines means that the Wifi calling feature has been activated.

What does telephone handset mean next to WiFi signs?

Wi-Fi calling that displays the icon. Under Phone Call Settings Wi-Fi Calls. The setting helps if you have little reception because it uses WiFi instead of your network, e.g. Vodafone, O…

What is a pictogram?

A pictogram (from Latin pictum to paint, picture and Greek to write grphein) is a single symbol or pictogram can consist of an iconic representation of objects, scenes, abstract symbols, numbers or text elements.

What does the sign on the iPhone mean like an arrow?

The arrow on the iPhone display has been an integral part of the mobile operating system since iOS 4. It serves as a control symbol and informs you as the user that an app is accessing the iPhone location services, which are used to determine the position of the device based on GPS and some other data.

What does the paper airplane mean on the iPhone?

A subtle but useful addition to iOS4 is the little arrow in the top-right corner of the status bar, right next to the battery icon. It serves as a control function for the user and indicates that a started app is currently using the GPS location function of the iPhone.

How do I make the QM sign?

At the number keys [2] or the quotation marks [„] a third assignment is shown on most keyboards. Namely the small squared character. This can be typed by pressing the key while typing [alt gr] (to the right of the space bar) and now press the key [2] is pressed.

Where can I find the Shift key?

Like the Ctrl, Alt and AltGr keys, the Shift key or Shift key (rarely also called the “shift key”) is a so-called control key on the computer keyboard which, when pressed alone, does not display a character and does not trigger a character feed for the cursor.

Where is the command key?

You will usually find a CMD key directly to the left and right of the spacebar. On newer Apple keyboards, the imprint is “command”, on older ones it is just “cmd”.

What to do if the keyboard is misaligned?

First aid: Keyboard misaligned Switch the PC completely off and on again. The faulty settings are reset in the process. Type numbers on the keyboard instead of letters, press the button [Num]. On laptops you sometimes need the key combination [Fn] + [Num] use.2 days ago

What does the word shift mean?

Shift stands for: Shift key on keyboards. Shift (photography), parallel displacement, procedure in photography.

What does the Shift indicator in the car mean?

Maybe it annoys one or the other, the “SHIFT” display (upshift display). It should show the driver when the next gear should be engaged in order to save fuel.

What is the Shift key on Windows?

This is the key with which you can write capital letters, among other things. You can find the key on the bottom left of your keyboard. The Shift key is directly above the key that says [Strg]. There is usually a large up arrow on the Shift key.

What is the Shift key on Mac?

Mac: Option, Command, ShiftName englishKeyboard iconalternative iconControl keyctrl^Optionalt ⌥optionCommand key (“Apple key”)cmd ⌘command Shift key⇧shift13

Where is the shift key on the Macbook Air?

Here are the features of the Apple Shift key at a glance: The symbol on it is a thick empty up arrow. The positions: on the left between fn and caps lock (on large keyboards between control key and caps lock); right: between arrow keys and enter (or control and enter)

What is the Ctrl key on the keyboard?

The control key is always on the bottom left of the keyboard. In addition, there is a second key, further to the right, to the left of the arrow keys. The Ctrl or Control key has no function of its own, it is always used together with at least one other key as a key combination.

Where is the ALT key on the Macbook?

The Alt key is on the bottom row on Mac keyboards, to the left or right of the command keys.

Where can I find the screenshots on Mac?

Now open the Finder and then click on “Desktop” on the left sidebar. Right-click on the “Screenshots” folder. Now hold down the option key (alt) and click on “Copy “Screenshots” as pathname”.

How do I get the character on the Apple keyboard?

Depending on how old your Mac keyboard is, the @ character may be inserted differently. On the older keyboards, you have to press the Shift, Alt, and 1 keys at the same time. On newer Mac keyboards, the character can be inserted using “Alt” and “L” (see image).

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