What do the Turks celebrate?

What do the Turks celebrate?

Christmas is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey. Only the birth of Christ is not celebrated, but the new year.

What is the Sugar Festival in Turkey?

With the festival of breaking the fast (Eid al-Fitr), Muslims around the world end the fasting month of Ramadan. It is also called Ramadan festival and lasts two to three days depending on the country and region. In Turkish it is also called Sugar Festival (Şeker Bayramı) because children are given sweets.

When is Bayram with the Turks?

The Day of the Republic of Turkey (“Cumhuriyet Bayrami”) is the most important national holiday in Turkey and commemorates the proclamation of the republic by Ataturk in 1923. It lasts 35 hours and begins at 1:00 pm on October 28th.

What does Zafer bayrami mean?

Victory Day (Turkish: Zafer Bayramı) is a national holiday in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus every year on August 30th, symbolizing the day on which Turkey was liberated, even if the occupying troops left the national borders later withdrawn.

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