What do we mean by reflection? What do we mean by reflection?

What is meant by reflection?

1) Physics: reflection, being thrown back, for example light in a mirror or sound from a surface. 2) (deep) reflection. 3) Object-oriented programming: ability of a program to know its own structure and to modify it if necessary.

What all comes into a reflection?

A reflection is not about describing a process, but about dealing with the content, the knowledge acquired, the decisions made as well as the goals and expectations and evaluating the situation critically, examining and comparing.

What is an educational reflection?

Reflection in pedagogy means thinking about a past pedagogical situation from the teacher’s point of view, which is then illuminated and examined again from all sides in order to better understand it and learn consciously from it.

What is important in a reflection?

Aims of a reflection It is always important to know that you cannot control the behavior of others and that you will learn for yourself how you can best deal with the given situation. Thus we come to the following goals of a reflection: Solving problems / solution-oriented thinking. Learn to express feelings and thoughts.

What is a critical reflection?

reproduced. Reflecting accordingly means that one turns and turns something, viewed from other angles, in order to arrive at a carefully raised image of reality that comes closer to reality. Those who reflect critically distinguish something and try to reproduce this distinction.

What is a critical appraisal?

The critical appraisal includes, in addition to the classification of your research results in the scientific context, a (self) critical assessment of the restrictions. This means the limits of research that you encounter in your analysis.

What does reflection mean in nursing?

In the evaluation, the nurse reflects on whether the planned and implemented care was successful, whether measures need to be changed / adapted and, if the care was not successful, in particular what exactly led to it.

What is a reflection of the internship?

What is a “reflection”? The last part is often referred to as the “internship report reflection”. “Reflection” is the process of writing in which you review your internship again in your mind’s eye.

How do I write a reflection on a project?

Reflection on the project Has the project objective been achieved? (Explain your point of view) What contributed to the achievement of the goal? What difficulties were there. – In terms of content / organizational nature. How could this project be continued? What have you learned for yourself? What can we do better in the next project?

What is a reflection of your own work?

What does reflection mean? If we then carefully think about an action, an action, an AG, etc., analyze and evaluate it, we speak of a reflection.

What is a final report?

For permanent organizations these are often annual reports, for larger companies quarterly reports. Final reports include temporary collaborations between organizations.

What must be in a final project report?

According to DIN 69901, the final project report contains the “summarizing, concluding presentation of tasks and results achieved, of time, costs and personnel expenditure, as well as, if applicable, references to possible follow-up projects.

How do I write a report?

The correct structure of a report: INTRODUCTION: The introduction gives an initial overview. MAIN PART: In the main part, the events are presented in detail and in the correct order. CONCLUSION: The conclusion gives brief information about the W-questions, why?

How can you write a travelogue?

The travelogue – This is how it works! Answer the W-questions. Write briefly and objectively. Observe the correct chronological order. Avoid verbatim speech. Write in the past tense and in the case of prematurity in the past perfect. Avoid unimportant information.

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