What do you ask a musician?

What do you ask a musician?

10 short questions for Lenka:1) How did music become your life and career? 2) What would you do if you weren’t a musician? 3) What is special about your instrument? 4) What is the most important musical equipment invention of all time and why?More entries…•

What questions do I ask in the job interview?

10 questions candidates can ask during an interview: Can you describe a typical working day for me in this position? What is the typical onboarding process like? How big is the department I will be working in? Who is my direct manager? How are talents and Promoted your strengths?More entries…•

What to answer in job interviews?

Interview questions and answers Tips and examples of good answers to common questions What can I do? Who am I? How do I work? What makes me special? Why do I want to do this specific job? Why do I want to work for this specific company? What do I expect from the job / employer?More entries…•

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