What do you ask for a reference information?

What do you ask for a reference information?

Examples of questions for your reference can be the following: How do you remember Ms / Mr XY in general? What was the reason for Ms / Mr XY’s departure from your company? Where do you see the strengths and weaknesses of Ms / Mr XY? How was her / his behavior towards superiors / in the team / towards customers?

What are references of a company?

Reference marketing means marketing with the help of references. In this case, reference denotes a person or a company that has a business relationship with a company and has given its consent to be named as a reference of this company.

Why are references important?

By reporting on their experiences, existing customers and business partners help to reduce any uncertainties of a prospect. References ensure objectivity and credibility. Because product benefits and cooperation are viewed from the customer’s point of view.

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