What do you call a narrative poet?

What do you call a narrative poet?

“narrative poet” with X characters (all solutions) Matching answers: epic.

What is an epic?

The term epic derives from the Latin epos or the Greek ├ępos, meaning speech or story.

What is all about drama?

Definition. Definition: Along with lyric and epic, the term drama refers to one of the three major genres of poetry. The literary product is the drama. It represents a self-contained event, in the course of which a conflict usually unfolds through dialogue and monologue between the actors.

Which texts belong to the drama?

Literary Genres and Types of TextEpicDramaPoetryNarration Fable Short Story Fairy Tale Novella Parable NovelComedy Tragedy Tragicomedy Bourgeois Tragedy Epic TheaterBallad Elegy Epigram Hymn Song Ode Sonett

What are the literary genres?

The concept of genre or text genre arranges literary works into groups that are defined in terms of content or form. In addition to these three genres, newer models often name non-fiction or non-fiction texts as a fourth group. Within drama, on the other hand, comedy and tragedy are often regarded as fundamental genres.

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