What do you call a story about yourself?

What do you call a story about yourself?

Literary account of one’s own life, but autobiography is more common. The life story you wrote yourself is usually called “autobiography” or “memoir”. A life story written by you about another person is called a “biography”.

What is life data?

The introductory section is intended to provide the reader with the essential information. This includes the biographical data: date of birth and, if applicable, date of death and respective locations in the above form; Nationality.

What is biographical self-reflection?

The importance of biographical self-reflection Biographical self-reflection requires teachers to be willing to discover the new and unexpected and to question their own actions, because any form of biographical work can shake the previous world view.

What does biographical self-reflection mean?

In biographical self-definition, one judges for one’s own case whether the immanent goal of youth, adult status, has been achieved; in biographical self-reflection one looks for personal values ​​of the events of the previous life – whether they are in the socially valid categories of professional …

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