What do you call the main character in a drama?

What do you call the main character in a drama?

The main characters of the drama are at least the protagonist and antagonist, usually the active characters or those around whom the intrigue unfolds. If figures are only to be seen as carriers of a single, limited function, one also speaks of functional figures.

What do you call the main character in a book?

The protagonist, protagonist, or main character, in literature or the performing arts, is the character about whom the story is told, the story that is told, the plot (dramaturgy or choreography) of a story, novel, screenplay, or script.

What is the personal constellation?

The character constellation is the social, psychological, mental network of relationships in which the characters of an epic or dramatic work relate to one another and which, with its contrasts and parallels, helps determine the plot, especially the constellations of hero/main character/protagonist, opponent/antagonist, friend/…

What is a drama?

Drama (ancient Greek δρᾶμα dráma, action’) is a generic term for texts with distributed roles. Along with epic and lyric, drama is one of the three basic literary genres.

What are the types of drama?

There are three genres in German poetry: lyric, epic and dramatic. Poetry is referred to as memory, epic as imagination and drama as suspense. Drama is one of these three genres.

What do you associate with a drama?

In everyday language, “drama” is associated with extreme feelings and actions. But also for the other, the real dramas, extreme emotional states are a prerequisite: namely for the dramas that are performed on stage.

What is a tragedy drama?

Tragedy is a form of drama and, along with comedy, the most important representative of this genre. The fateful conflict of the main character is characteristic of the tragedy. Your situation worsens from the point where disaster strikes.

What comes after the exposure?

The classical drama begins with an exposition, followed by the exciting moment, culminating in the climax (peripetia), after which the action is retarded by the retarding moment and ultimately ends in catastrophe. This results in the typical tension curve of the drama.

What is the purpose of an exposition?

The term refers to the effective introduction of the viewer to the basic mood, initial situation, conflicts, states, time, place and people of the piece and prepares important prerequisites for understanding, which can also lie well before the start of the actual stage action.

In which epoch did the sonata form have their peak?

In the classical era, the development of the sonata form reached its peak.

What is an exposure?

Exposition stands for: exhibition, public presentation of objects. Exposure (geography), position of a slope in relation to the cardinal point. Exposition (literature), introductory part of a drama or novel.

What is the south slope?

In soil science and geography, exposure is the position of a slope in relation to the cardinal point or exposure = 180°: southern slope, “sunny side” exposure = 270°: western slope, slope with a lot of evening sun (but in Central Europe it is most exposed to the weather).

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