What do you do as an automotive engineer?

What do you do as an automotive engineer?

What are your tasks? As an engineer for vehicle technology, your main tasks include the design of new vehicle concepts, the development of modern car bodies and vehicle components as well as the testing of vehicle concepts and prototypes.

What can an engineer do?

Of course, many engineers still work in construction and assembly or in civil engineering. But you can also find them in the purchasing or sales of companies, they are active in science and research or they are employees in the public service.

Why should you study mechanical engineering?

Reason no. 1 for studying mechanical engineering Studying mechanical engineering opens up a wide range of occupations, from automotive engineering to plant engineering. An interesting industry can then be found during internships and theses during the course.

Should I study mechanical engineering?

Graduates of a mechanical engineering degree have one of the best entry opportunities ever after successfully completing them. Since the demand for mechanical engineers is very high, the transition from training to professional life is very quick and easy in most cases.

What can you become when you study mechanical engineering?

Occupational fields are mechanical and plant engineering, process and product development, technical drawing and construction or expert and expert activities. For example, you can work as a calculation engineer, renewable energy engineer, validation engineer or sales engineer.

What kind of degree do you need to become an architect?

The successful master’s degree is the first step on the way to becoming an architect. But only someone who is entered on the list of architects in a federal state may call themselves an architect. The prerequisite for this is an internship after graduation. Depending on the federal state, it takes between two and three years.

What do you do as a mechanical engineer?

Job description mechanical engineer. The job itself is primarily about planning, developing, designing and building devices, machines and systems. A large number of mechanical engineers also perform tasks in consulting firms. For this purpose, calculation engineers often work in mechanical engineering.

What kind of cut do you need to study mechanical engineering?

Can you still be accepted, despite a bad average? According to the internet you need an average of at least 2.7.

What kind of average does it take to become an engineer?

In order to start an engineering bachelor’s degree at a university, you need to have a high school diploma. For studying at a university of applied sciences, the technical diploma (including the practical part) is sufficient.

What is the average high school diploma you need to study engineering?

In mathematics you should unofficially have at least ~ 2 and in physics and computer science you should have at least some basic knowledge. At some universities you don’t even need an NC for mechanical engineering, but the study should be very difficult for some.

How long does it take to study mechanical engineering?

The first degree is the bachelor’s degree, which is usually obtained after six semesters, sometimes even after seven or eight semesters. Afterwards, it is possible to pursue a master’s degree, which leads to a degree after a total of ten semesters (including a bachelor’s degree).

How long does it take to study engineering?

Requirements and duration of the course. You become an engineer with an engineering degree that can be completed at a university or technical college. The first degree, the Bachelor, usually lasts 6 semesters, i.e. three years.

How does a mechanical engineering degree work?

Bachelor’s and Master’s in mechanical engineering In mechanical engineering, the standard period of study of 10 semesters is often spoken of – that was the time it used to take to get a diploma. Today, the course is divided into around 6 semesters up to the Bachelor and another 4 semesters up to the Master.

How long does the master’s degree in mechanical engineering take?

The mechanical engineering master’s course usually lasts two years.

How long does it take to study medicine?

Depending on the university, the medical degree takes between 12 and 13 semesters. The course of study is divided into the preclinical and the clinical studies. You will also complete a three-month mandatory internship, the so-called clinical traineeship, in a nursing facility.

How long does the training to become a mechanical engineer last?

Mechanical engineers usually have a degree in general mechanical engineering. The training lasts at least 6–7 semesters for a Bachelor’s degree and 3–4 semesters for the subsequent Master’s degree.

How much do you earn as a mechanical engineer?

With both degrees, you will earn an above-average starting salary – even when compared with other engineering professions. While you receive around 3,900 euros gross per month with a bachelor’s degree, your gross income increases to around 4,100 euros with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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