What do you do in the judiciary?

What do you do in the judiciary?

Prison guards are introduced to the working world of the penal system and are given basic legal information as well as information on the structure and processes of a prison.

How much does a prison guard earn in Germany?

In salary group A6 you will initially receive a salary of 2,320.67 euros per month as a prison guard. In salary group A7 you can expect a prison salary of 2,436.20 euros right from the start, and in group A8 you can expect a prison officer salary of 2,577.25 euros per month at the beginning.

How tall do you have to be to be a correctional officer?

The minimum body length is 1.63 m for female applicants and 1.65 m for applicants. Particularly suitable applicants may be up to 2 cm shorter than this limit. The body length should not exceed 1.95 m.

What does it take to become a correctional officer?

As a rule, an intermediate school leaving certificate or a secondary school leaving certificate (depending on the federal state also professional maturity, vocational training maturity, first general education school leaving certificate, successful completion of middle school) in connection with a beneficial completed vocational training …

How to become a prison guard

The dual training to become a civil servant in the WD takes two years…. The requirements for the training are clearly regulated: Qualifications: Technical college entrance qualification or secondary school leaving certificate and completed vocational training. Age: at least 20 years. Nationality: Citizen of a member state of the EU.

How much does a prison guard make in the US?

Salaries vary from state to state, as well as from county to county. But it would have to be between 000$ depending on where.

Who is responsible for running the JVA?

Prisons in Germany Every prison is assigned an advisory board which, as a representative of the public and superior to the prison management, performs supervisory and advisory tasks. In several federal states, the JVA are also under the observation of a prison officer.

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